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  • 公共取用资讯
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  1. was set up last year to provide public access to information security resources and updates
  2. on press and publications work, the hkma enhanced its website by adding new features and making it bilingual, and produced a cd rom and a corporate video to widen public access to information on the hkma policies and monetary banking statistics
  3. this article discusses the main pattern of u . s . public access to information, including establishing perfect regulation system, developing electronic government, implementing fdlp, adopting " full and open " policy of national scientific data access, encouraging open access and promoting public access to private data and databases
  4. second, there is a description of the position of ngeqe in u . s . third, the paper explores ways of developing a new mechanism for ngeqe in china, which includes a discussion on public access to information about schooling, public debate and parental discussion on issues in education, including higher education and the role of employment departments . also discussed is the mechanism through which recommendations from public debates may be adopted by the government and policy making bodies

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