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  • 空气的特性
  • property:    n. 1.财产;资产;所有物;所有地 ...
  • air:    n. 1.空气,大气。 2.天空,空 ...
  • air properties:    空气性质
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  1. Effects of sh modification agent on the microstructures and properties of air cooling bainitic cast steel
  2. The properties of air electrode and catalyst were investigated by measuring the curve of steady - state polarization
  3. It is possible that the transportation and installation of some large bucket foundation structures in coastal and offshore engineering can be went on by the reasonably using of properties of air - float
  4. The factors affecting the properties of air electrode were examined in this article and mno2 / c was prepared . the process parameters of air electrode were optimized , and the aluminum / air battery was also assembled
    本文主要针对影响空气电极性能的因素进行了系统的研究,制备了mno _ 2 / c催化剂,确定了空气电极的最佳制备工艺,将空气电极与铝阳极组装成电池,并初步考察了电池的性能。

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