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  1. The tax will affect only the propertied classes .
  2. In these applications , chitosan was used for its natural antimicrobial propertied and its ability to provide a moist environment and to accelerate wound healing
  3. It is quite superb in weld - ability as proved by the excellent mechanical propertied . it can be used for welding key low - carbon steel structures , such as ships , bridges and pressure containers
  4. It could be found that mmt was partially exfoliated and partially intercalated in the matrix . a proper amount of mmt could improve the mechanical and thermal propertied of the pvc / ( pb a - mmt ) nanocomposites
  5. Then marx noticed not only the economic problem that former law thinker made light of , to be used to explain the relationship among country , law and society , but also saw the essence of the hegelian law philosophy was elaboration of the german propertied class “ modern nation ”
    在这个意义上说马克思是对传统形而上学的批判。 《黑格尔法哲学批判》是马克思针对黑格尔《法哲学原理》一书的内容进行的分析和批判。

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