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Pronunciation:   "promotion exercise" in a sentence
  • 晋升选拔;晋升选拔工作
  • 晋升选拔工作
  • promotion:    n. 1. 增进,促进;助长;发扬; ...
  • exercise:    n. 1.(精力等的)运用,使用;实 ...
  • exercise in:    正规训练
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  1. Are open procedures adopted for promotion exercises , such as announcement of the promotion criteria
  2. Chu staged a comeback in the promotion exercise held the following year and his candid reply to an examiner s tricky question led to an unexpected result . . . . . . do you want to know whether chu was promoted finally
  3. Professor john malpas , pro - vice - chancellor and acting dean of the faculty of arts at hku , stressed the importance of the new guidelines on assessing arts research . " in the internal research assessment exercises conducted in the past years in hong kong , and in numerous promotion exercises , the application of some yardsticks applied across the board to assess research may have disadvantaged the humanities

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