proce or meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "proce or" in a sentence
  • 处理机,处理装置
  • 处理器
  • 通道处理机
  • 信息处理机
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  1. Operating english word proce or and microcomputer , taking shorthand 85 wpm
  2. Nowadays most computers have a memory proce or in which information can be stored and be taken out at any time
  3. They , for example , won ' t last more than a few hours on a single battery , don ' t come with built - in cd or dvd drives , and have le powerful proce ors than " normal " pcs
  4. Numerous other commercial enterprises , from theaters to magazine publishers , from gas and electric utilities to milk proce ors , bring better and more efficient services to co umers through the use of computers

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