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  • 私募基金
  • offer:    vt. 1.提供;提出;提议;伸出( ...
  • fund:    n. 1.资金,基金,专款。 2.〔 ...
  • privately:    背地风; 绷脸; 睹气; 撬嘴; 私 ...
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  1. It is a typical principal - agent relationship between the investor and the manager who take part in privately offered fund
  2. In chapter 3 , to solve the asymmetric information decision - making problem of the privately offered fund investor , the thesis sets up a model and makes the analysis
  3. The main decision - making of investor is how to allocate his capital and maximize the investment utility . this thesis makes the research on the capital budgeting process of the privately offered fund investor
  4. In chapter 4 , the thesis makes some researches on the investment decision from the aspect of the strategies of privately offered fund manager . and then , it proposes that the manager can distinguish the investor ' s acceptability of risk with the higher required investment capital level
  5. In chapter 2 , the conception and the categories of principal ? gent problem , the framework of the principal ? gent theory , the reasons and the behavior of the principal ? agent problem in privately offered fund are introduced . it is mentioned that the decision for the investor is how to allocate his capital in asymmetric information

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