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  • 底层漆
  • 底漆
  • 底涂层
  • priming:    n. 1.装雷管,装火药;点火药,起 ...
  • coat:    n. 1.上衣,外衣,外套。 ★厚大 ...
  • priming coat paint:    底漆
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  1. Asphalt prime coat
  2. Steel components for shipbuilding ; symbols for surface preparations , shop primers and priming coats
  3. Coatings for radiators - part 1 : terms , requirements and tests for primers and industrially applied priming coats
  4. As economical and effective measures to ensure the construction quality , prime coat and slurry seal have been used widely in the highway construction
  5. The author reviewed the operational experience and the basic technical indexes of the prime coat and slurry seal of a highway , briefly analyzed the common failing after constructing the prime coat and slurry seal , in addition to the key measure to ensure the construction quality

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