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  • 下涂
  • primer:     primer2 n. 1 ...
  • coat:    n. 1.上衣,外衣,外套。 ★厚大 ...
  • primer:    n. 1.初级读本,初学书;初阶,入 ...


  1. Railway rolling stock . continuously weldable primer coated sheet steel
  2. The first layer is a primer coat to cover the bare base metal of the alloy
  3. Used in plastic material of abs resin , hips resin , bard pvc resin , polyacrylic acid resin or epoxy resin , wood products and metal materil with primer coat
    Abs树脂、 hips树脂、硬度pvc树脂,聚丙烯酸树脂及环氧树脂等塑料底材,木材制品及涂有底漆的金属材料。
  4. Grades of these high - temperature resistant resins are also available with conductive filler , which eliminates the need to apply a conductive primer coating in order to permit electrostatic topcoating ( powder or liquid )

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