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  1. It is the region geochemistry pretreatment to pretreat the originality data and to analyze the background and correlation filed and statistics data
  2. Pretreat of 0 . 15mmol - l - 1 rgd ( arg - gly - asp ) reduces the interaction between cell wall and plasma membrane and inhibits the stress induced - aba accumulation by 50 percent
  3. Moreover , the determination was not affected by ph in neutral and base solution and it was unnecessary to pretreat sample by using an acid , which is easy to apply to actual sample analysis , 2
  4. In this paper , we established an automatic fingerprint recognition software system with micro - computer . it can pretreat , do feature extraction and recognize the input fingerprint dynamically
  5. Firstly , human skin - color information is used to segment images into skin color region and non - skin color region , then pretreat the skin - color region and come into the phase of image similarity

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