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  • 模压成型
  • 压力成型
  • 压力成形
  • pressure:    n. 1.压;按;挤;榨。 2.【物 ...
  • form:    n. 1.形态;形状;样子,外貌;【 ...
  • forming pressure:    成型压力; 成形压力; 单位变形力
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  1. Numerical study on viscous pressure forming of sheet metal
  2. Hydraulic pressure and control system design of the sheet viscous pressure forming equipment
  3. Numerical simulation of internal high pressure forming of the right - angle bent - tube with rectangular section
  4. The " green " bricks are then treated in an autoclave under steam pressure forming hydrated calcium silicate bonding the aggregate particles into a strong and durable brick
  5. And can complete the constant pressure and decide the regulation to take shape two craft ways , the constant pressure forms a line the craft way to have after the suppression guarantees presses with from the time delay return trip movement

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