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力, 能力
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  1. And it ' s a ' potentia ' yeah , that ' s it
  2. Because the anisotropism of the reservoir is severeness , there are no nature gapping , the reserves abundance is low and the well has no nature off - take potentia , this gas pool is a low permeability , low abundance , deadly low production , low grade complex pool
  3. So although there are better oiliness in peng ii , peng iii , peng iv gas pool and there are industrial off - take potentia after compressive fracture , this gas pool belongs to lower permeability , convention sand - density sand , little to middle throat - punctate pore , sealing elasticity gas drive , partly poor water drive , normal pressure , net gas , lithologic trap to nose - like structure - lithology compounding trap model
  4. The result is that this gas pool has simple structure , only forms a little nose - like structure at the district of fenghuangshan ; this pool belongs to delta front sub - facies sedimentary model , the underwater distributary channel and mouth bar is the better sedimentary microfacies ; the physical property of the reservoir is poor , the type of pore of the reservoir rock mostly are intergranular pore , intergranular solution hole and little are intercrystalline micropore ; the influential factors of pore structure and physical property are lithofacies , lithologic character and diagenesis ; the off - take potentia of all the testing well are deadly shortness , the wells have the worth of industrial recovery only under the condition of going through sand fracturing , and in the early of binging into production , the oil and sheath pressure drop rapidly , the production of the well drop rapidly

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