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  • 醋酸钾
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  1. Preparation and characterization of kaolinte - potassium acetate intercalation comple
  2. The relative mass ratio of potassium acetate and water in the chemical reaction system must be controlled strictly for high intercalation rate
  3. Different from potassium acetate , ammonium acetate intercalated into the inner layer of kaolinite more completely in buffer solution ( ph = 9 ) than under near dry condit ion
    与乙酸钾不同,乙酸铵与高岭土的插层作用在ph = 9的缓冲溶液中,比在近干态下进行的完全。
  4. It only takes 24 hours to reach the maximum intercalation rate ( beyond 80 % ) when the relative mass ratio of kaolinite , potassium acetate and water is 7 : 3 : 1
    实验发现,当高岭土、乙酸钾与水的比例为7 : 3 : 1时,只需24小时,就基本达到最大插层率(插层率超过80 ) 。
  5. Ft - ir spectrum show that water insert between the inner layer of kaolinite with potassium acetate , which form hydrogen bond with the inner surface hydroxyl of kaolinite

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