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[ pɔs'tiəriə ] Pronunciation:   "posterior" in a sentence   "posterior" meaning
(地位上)后面的 (opp. anterior); (时间上)在后的,(次序上)其次的 (to) (opp. prior); 【动物;动物学】尾部的;【解剖学】背部的;【植物;植物学】接近茎轴处的。 posterior to the year 1972 一九七二年以后的。 various events that happened posterior to the end of the war 战后继之发生的种种事件。n.
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  1. This is usually followed by a posterior paresis .
  2. At the posterior end of the oesophagus is the crop .
  3. The posterior hypothalamus performs the function of defence against cold .
  4. The posterior borders of the left ventricle and inferior vena cava are well seen .
  5. The gena forms the whole of the lateral area below and posterior to the eyes on each side .

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