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  • 邮寄功能
  • post:    n. 1.〔主英〕邮政;邮寄;(一批 ...
  • message:    n. 1.通信;口信;问候;祝词;讯 ...
  • post message command:    报文后命令
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  1. Method starts an asynchronous request to post a message
  2. Posts a message for the attached debugger
  3. Publish post a message
  4. To post a message , please click on the " bulletin board " icon at the bottom of this page
  5. With udpkit his regular work machine can post a message to the network before shutting down
    有了udpkit ,他的常用电脑就可以在完全关机之前发出一份讯息到网路上。

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