pony ma meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "pony ma" in a sentence
  • 马化腾
  • pony:    n. 1.矮小的马,矮种马;〔口语〕 ...
  • ma:    n. 〔儿口〕妈〔mamma 之略〕 ...
  • the pony:    小马驹
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  1. Tencent ceo pony ma won may fourth medal for youth in guangdong province
  2. Win the laurel - wef awarded pony ma , tencent ceo as the young global leader
  3. Tencent ceo pony ma named " 2004 economic influentials - innovation " by cctv
    腾讯总裁马化腾荣获" 2004cctv中国经济人物年度新锐奖
  4. Tencent chairman and ceo pony ma named " 2004 economic influentials innovation " by china s cctv
    腾讯主席马化腾荣获“ 2004 cctv中国经济年度人物年度新锐奖”
  5. Tencent chairman pony ma named 2004 global business influentials and awarded the 4th bauhinia cup outstanding entrepreneur

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