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  • (美国西部的)用小马快递的邮政制度;〔美国〕拉丁文讲座。
  • pony:    n. 1.矮小的马,矮种马;〔口语〕 ...
  • express:    vt. 1.表示,表现,表达 〔cf ...
  • the pony:    小马驹
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  1. I rode the pony express till it played out
  2. Pony express formed to carry mail to the wild west . the pony express lasted a year before the telegraph took over
  3. If you thought the pony express was a thing of the past , think again . did you know you can still have mail delivered by horses
  4. The pony express was outdated by the telegraph system , which was outdated by the telephone system , and now we have the internet
  5. In addition to the mormons , pioneers moving westward sometimes settled in the area , and the pony express riders cut through hundreds of miles of what is now nevada to deliver mail

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