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  • n.
    多神教;多神论,多神主义 (opp. monotheism)。n.
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  1. Polytheism and cultural identity of indonesian chinese
  2. Others may note their own comfort and embrace of ambiguity and polytheism ( many gods )
    其他人也许看重自己的享受和信仰不明确以及多神论(许多个神) 。
  3. Ethical monotheism sets us into a camp by ourselves compared to polytheism . the incarnation : god came to visit earth
  4. Dayanand rejected image worship , sacrifice , and polytheism and claimed to base his doctrines on the four vedas as the eternal word of god
  5. The essay compares the cultural essence of the monotheism and polytheism , and analyzes the different influence of monotheism and poly theism upon religious culture and secular culture

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