polyimide films meaning in Chinese

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  • 聚酰亚胺薄膜
  • polyimide:    聚亚胺; 聚亚醯氨; 聚酰亚胺
  • films:    当代戏剧与电影; 电影作品; 胶片, ...
  • addition polyimide:    加成型聚酰亚胺
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  1. mica tapes-polyimide film-backed mica paper tapes
  2. adhesive coated polyimide film for flexible printed circuits
  3. evaluation of polyimide film developing level in china
  4. copper-clad laminates for flexible printed wiring boards polyester film, polyimide film
  5. the effect on thermal stability of polyimide films based on phthalimide end-capped odpa and oda

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