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  • plant:    n. 1.植物,草木 (opp. a ...
  • pigment:    n. 1.颜料,色料。 2.【生物学 ...
  • pigments:    涂色; 颜料,色素,色料; 颜料制造
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  1. " for his researches on plant pigments , especially chlorophyll
  2. The capture of radiant energy by plant pigments . about 80 % of the visible light falling on a leaf is absorbed , and about 10 % of the infrared radiation
    2通过植物色素捕获辐射的能量。大约80照射在叶子上的可见光被吸收, 10是红外光。
  3. The natural plant pigments that give berries , watermelon and cherries their ruby red color are also powerful anti - oxidants that help to keep us healthy when we eat them
  4. Inglett made z - trim by grinding up agricultural byproducts , such as oat and soybean hulls , in an alkaline solution and then separating out plant pigments and other impurities
  5. The experimental results show that the pigment is relatively stable for light , heat and some common food additives under acidic condition , and proved to be a kind of cheap , safe and available natural plant pigment , which is convenient to use

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