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Pronunciation:   "plane along" in a sentence
  • 贴水面掠过
  • plane:    n. 平刨;镘。 a jack pl ...
  • along:    adv. 1.成一行地,纵长地;沿, ...
  • along with:    和…一起,和…一道; 还有; 视作; ...
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  1. According to the regional distribution of the water vapor content and the section plane along the sounding site from east - west and south - north , there is biggish difference in the spatial distribution of the water vapor content
  2. Additionally , while supporting the day - to - day operations of american and chinese airmen , and maintaining china ' s fragile life - line to the allied world , another 1 , 500 american and chinese airmen lost their lives while shepherding overloaded transport planes along the notorious " hump " air route that led across the daunting himalayan mountain range

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