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[ 'pleintiv ] Pronunciation:   "plaintive" in a sentence   "plaintive" meaning
可怜的,悲哀的,忧郁的;哭诉的。 a plaintive melody 哀调。 a plaintive cry 哀鸣。adv.
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  1. There was a plaintive cry from a crushed passenger in the rear of the bus .
  2. Nehru himself sent the president a long and plaintive letter at the end of the month .
  3. Possibly picking up the scent of her young, she let out a high-pitched, plaintive whine .
  4. He accepted overbrook's next plaintive invitation, for an evening two weeks off .
  5. The hostess stopped, with a fork in her hand, as eliza's sweet and plaintive voice arrested her .

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