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Pronunciation:   "pitch range" in a sentence
  • 变距范围
  • pitch:    vt. 1.扔,投,抛,掷;【棒球】 ...
  • range:    vt. 1.排列;整理(头发等)。 ...
  • pitch adjusting range:    调距范围
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  1. It specifically deals with three intonational variables : pitch range , pitch reset , and boundary tone
  2. For example : blade pitch of - 11 to + 11 = total of 22 degrees of blade pitch range
    比如说:大桨螺距为- 11到+ 11度,代表大桨的螺距最大变化范围为22度。
  3. Pitch range will be examined on both the global and local levels of news structure , in order to verify whether it is used as a means of characterizing overall news structure , and as an indicator of news section boundary
  4. He finds the pitch range after calculated the three important parameters through the bladed for windows software , then presents an optimized control strategy that regulate the pitch angle in terms of the wind speed . it must control the output power because the variational output power brings the variational loads . he confirms and optimizes the control strategy that the output power is the control target , the output power is divided into three parts
  5. The paper ’ s main works are as follow : ( 1 ) several methods of getting pitch period are researched in details . according to the real - time demand for the systems , the methods for pitch searching are simplified as follow : after searching the peak value point every third point within pitch range , search the peak value point every point near the current peak value point
    ( 1 )研究了基音周期的求取方法,并根据系统的实时要求,将逐点搜索基音周期的方法简化为粗细法,即在基音周期范围内隔点搜索相关函数最大峰值点,然后在此时得到的最大峰值点附近继续搜索,将最后得到的峰值点作为基音周期值。

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