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  • 隔八相生管
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  1. I am only sorry i didn ' t bring seth sprague along with me , with his pitch pipe , just to take the shine off of them there singers
  2. As a main manufacture of musical instrument , our products are harmonica , melodica , recorder , pitch pipe and other kinds of musical instrument . our brand " bee " , " easttop " are popular all over the world , with a good reputation of high quality
    江苏东方乐器是国内主要的乐器生产厂家,主营"蜜蜂牌" , "敦煌牌" , "金榜牌"口琴,口风琴,校音器,二胡等民族乐器,产量和品质均居国内同行前列.目前产品广销欧美、日韩、中东、东南亚等国家和地区,以优质的产品受到中外消费者的好评。

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