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  • 管长
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • length:    n. 1.长,长度,长短。 2.(时 ...
  • length of the pipe:    管段长度
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  1. The flexible pipe length , thread specification can be made specially according to request , such as npt thread , metric thread etc
  2. The article calculates the transient of the pump system with three initial rates of flow and three kinds of pipe length by use of the characteristic method , and obtains the system ' s transient characteristics
  3. With the different tripping annulus at the inlet , a new method of the distance definition from the wall was used to measure 35 mean velocity profiles on seven sections in the pipe length x / d = 125 . 2
    采用新的离壁距离标定方法,在入口处设有改变扰动强度挡环的条件下,利用热线仪在管长x d约为125的范围内完成了七个不同管流截面上的35个轴线方向速度分布的测量工作。
  4. This paper provides equipment optimization design - aside technical scheme of two - appulse - one hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace system by studying the relation of graphite cooling pipe length and productive forces with diversity graphite chiller
  5. On the base of analysing the ordinary design methods , aiming to the minimum annual cost or investment , taking the pipe length and water pump lift as decision - making variables , the linear programming models are presented to optimize the diameters of main network and field network

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