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  • 管道漏水
  • 管道渗漏
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • leakage:    n. 1.漏,漏出。 2.泄露。 3 ...
  • brake pipe leakage:    制动管泄漏
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  1. Brake pipe leakage
  2. Subsequently , measurement experiment and analysis indicate that accuracy of this method is higher than 94 % , and the method can be widely used in pressure pipe leakage detection and online monitor
    实际测试结果表明,该方法具有高于94 %的定位精度,可以用于实验压力管道泄漏的检测与在线监测中。
  3. As the underground drainage facilities are ageing gradually , whether the government has plans to replace or renovate the drains to prevent accidents caused by pipe leakage or burst , which endanger the safety of the public ; and
  4. To avoid the pollution of groundwater resource and adjacent environment caused by drainage pipe leakage , current criterion in our country stipulates that there must be a pressurization test before drainage pipes are used
  5. How to locate the position of the underground pipe leakage presisely , has always been a big problem for water supply system and civil construction , eakage not only causes losses of water but also makes great damage to the fundamental establishment

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