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  • 管子裂缝
  • pipe:    n. 1.管,导管,筒。 2.烟斗, ...
  • leak:    n. 1.漏洞,漏罅,裂缝。 2.漏 ...
  • leak oil pipe:    漏油管
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  1. Development of an intelligent pipe leak detection instrument
  2. The pipe leaks gas
  3. Precise locating needs to detect the acoustic signal of the pipe leaks that has close relationship with the acoustic impedance of the leaks
  4. The paper discussed how to automatically turn off the water valve and cut off the water resource through a digital circuit as indoor water pipe leaks
  5. The main work in this paper is as follows : designed and set up a system of acoustic emission ( ae ) pipe testing , include pipe leak simulated equipment and acoustic emission testing equipment
    具体包括以下工作: 1建立了一套充液管道泄漏声发射检测系统,包括管道泄漏模型和声发射检测装置两部分。

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