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  • 酸洗法
  • pickle:    n. 1.(腌鱼、菜等用的)盐汁,泡 ...
  • process:    vi. 〔口语〕排队走,列队行进 〔 ...
  • be in a pickle:    处境困难; 为难
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  1. The cleaning methods of mash scale cover chemical cleaning ( soda boiling and pickling process ) , cip cleaning , and high pressure water washing
    醪垢的清洗方法有化学清洗法(碱煮法、酸洗法) 、 cip冲清洗法、高压水射流清洗法。
  2. The composition , main function and operation mode of the automatic control system for the pickling process section are discussed , and some improved control methods are introduced
  3. First , add in the salt and anti - mildew agent . the salt is to prevent the acid inflation during the pickle process , while ainti - mildew is to prevent the sofa leather from producing mildew later

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