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  1. This method should eventually help to identify substances that phytochrome reacts with inside the cell .
  2. Phytochrome a and phytochrome b were the main photoreceptors involved in regulation of chlorophyll accumulation and the ratio of ca / cb
    光敏色素a和光敏色素b是调节叶绿素积累以及c _ a c _ b比值的主要光受体。
  3. The response was essentially controlled by phytochrome b in red light , phytochrome a in far red light and cryptochrome 1 in blue light . the coaction was also existed among different photoreceptors by analyzing mutants
    对突变体分析表明,红光下光敏色素b ,远红光下光敏色素a ,蓝光下隐花色素1起主要调节作用。
  4. By measuring the anthocyanin accumulation of the mutants , it was showed that phytochrome and cryptochromel were involved in the induction process . kt enhanced the accumulation of anthocyanin under blue light and had a concentration effects

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