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  • 光电的
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  1. Combing uncoiler and straightener in one , with photoelectrical contol
  2. Study for backward scattering photoelectrical and smoke detector based on collimated beam
  3. It adopts photoelectrical cell control winding and unwinding , has a high precision in printing . if lost sign , machine will stop automatically
  4. The machine bas the functions of photoelectrical suitable for printing rolled paper of bopp 、 pet , glass - paper etc . for multiple colors in batch production
    本机装有光电跟踪、自动纠偏、张力自动等自动功能,适用于bopp 、 pet 、玻璃纸等具有良好适应性能的卷筒料多色边续中大批量印刷的最佳设备。
  5. It has a photoelectrical coding device on each mechanical joint arm to detect the rotating angle , then the device ' s coordination can be calculated with the value of the angle

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