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  • 光电法
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  1. Single observer passive location and achievement with photoelectric methods
  2. Photoelectric methods for measuring light exposure in focal planes of cameras
  3. In this paper , a measuring system of pulse oxygen saturaction , which is based on the lambert - beer principle is presented . that is called photoelectric method . this method which utilizes an optical sensor is applied universally
    本文介绍了一种基于朗伯一比尔法则的动脉氧饱合度脉搏式测量方法(光电测量法) ,这种方法借助于一个光学传感器来实现,目前应用相当普遍。
  4. On the basis of theory analysis , the average transmitted light intensity ( correspond to dc value ) was determined as characteristic parameter of raw water using photoelectric method for monitoring the fluctuation of transmitted light and photometric dispersion analyzer ( pda ) . the dc value was closely related to both particle concentration and surface area of sand clay simultaneously . the experimental results shows that there is an exponential function relation between dc and surface area of sand clay in unit volume water ( sp ) : dc = asbp in which a and b are empirical coefficients . then the formula of macromolecule flocculant dosage is found to be d = f ( dc ) = e ( dc ) f in which e and / are empirical coefficients and the average correlation coefficient equal to 0 . 981 . so the model of automatical control system of water treatment plant was established using the formula
    应用透光率脉动检测技术和光散射颗粒粒度分析仪( pda ) ,通过理论分析,将pda的输出信号之一? ?平均透光强度(对应于dc值)作为原水的特性表征参数, dc值可以同时反映颗粒浓度和比表面积因素的影响,试验结果证明, dc值与单位体积水中泥沙颗粒总表面积s _ p之间具有很好的幂函数关系: dc = cs _ p ~ d ,式中c 、 d为经验系数,进而得到了以dc值为参数的高分子絮凝剂投药量公式: d = f ( dc ) = e ( dc ) ~ f ,式中: e 、 f为经验系数,平均相关系数达0 . 981 ,利用所建立的公式,建立了前馈? ?后馈联合控制的在线自动投药模型。

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