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  • 光电式仪器
  • 光电仪器
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  1. Cleaning of electronic parts , photoelectric instruments
    , sox等二次
  2. Coupling from ld to smf is a key technology in the field of optical communication and photoelectric instrument . almost all of optic - fiber systems involve with the coupling question
  3. A new three dimensional shape measurement system is presented in this article , which is the digital three dimensional shape measurement system with dlp ( digital light projector ) . in the system , the hotspot theory of the three dimensional shape measurement and the newest fruit of the photoelectric instrument were used
    本文运用三维形貌测量的热点研究理论,并结合光电器件发展的最新成果,提出了一种新的三维形貌测量系统? ?基于dlp的全数字化测量系统,并对该数字化测量系统的各个环节进行了理论分析和实验操作。
  4. To meet the need of using photoelectric instrument to measure the photosensitive properties of the weak light of photodiode , because the current equipment is used in the daylight and the circuit is big and complicated , the instrument to measure properties of weak light of photodiode is developed , and the improved method is given

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