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  • 光电检查
  • 光电检验
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  1. The thesis adopts the technology of photoelectric inspection , eda , communication , computer , to design a set of auto - inspection equipment and the computer software , which can complete the inspection of the coal train ' s linking in course of the locomotion of the tipper
    本课题采用先进的光电检测技术、 eda技术、通信技术、计算机技术设计了一套自动检测装置和配套的软件,在运煤车厢的运动状态下,完成运煤车厢连接的检测。本文的自动检测设计分两大部分。
  2. First , the domestic status quo of track inspection and the overseas development of track inspection device are introduced in the thesis . based on the introduction , three schemes to monitor the track irregularity by means o f photoelectric inspection technology are put fonvard in the thesis : using photosensitive diode , using ccd array wfth computer , using ccd array with single chip computer

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