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  • 光电编码器
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  1. The design of measurement circuit of solid - axes photoelectric encoder
  2. From the four aspects of the processing circuit , this paper introduced the properties of the output circuit of the solid - axes photoelectric encoder and explicated the design idea , scheme and implementation
  3. Current turntable control system usually adopts digital - analog control method . with the development of computer science and photoelectric encoder , numeralization of control system has become the trend for designing turntable control system
    现有的转台控制系统一般采用数? ?模混合控制方式,随着计算机技术与光电编码器的飞速发展,控制系统的数字化已成为转台控制系统设计实现的发展趋势。
  4. Basing on the operating characteristics of the pmsm machine tool spindle drive system , a novel frequency multiplication circuits which can be switch to 2 or 4 times of base frequency is proposed in the paper . it resolves the paradox of using a same photoelectric encoder under high and low speed operating condition of motors
  5. On the basis of describing the situation of current logging technology and considering the atrocious environment and the superiority of video imaging well - logging , the logging system consists of hardware and software sub - system in this paper . according to the objective condition of logging , the design of hardware has taken special treatments : high - temperature - proof protection with particular equipment for the whole circuit , video collection with ccd , temperature signal gathering by pt resistance and v / f transform , depth measurement through photoelectric encoder and jitter elimination circuit
    在系统的硬件设计中,针对油田测井的客观环境,进行了特殊处理:对整体测量电路采用特种装备进行耐高温保护;对井下的视频信号采用ccd摄像头进行采集;对井下温度信号利用铂电阻和v f变换实现采集;对深度信号采用光电码盘及去抖电路进行精确测量。

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