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  • 【法律】(传票等的)直接送达。
  • personal:    adj. 1.个人的,私人的;一身的 ...
  • service:    n. 1.服务;工作;公务;职务;事 ...
  • by personal service:    以面交方式送达
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  1. We offer a personal service to our customers .
  2. We ask that any one refusing to give personal service or to furnish arms shall meet the punishment of death .
  3. It was chiefly the poorer citizens of athens who sustained this empire by their most vigorous and incessant personal service .
  4. In addition, many kinds of personal services are offered by almost all establishments of any size; one service in great demand is babysitting .
  5. We deliver personal services tailored to client needs

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