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  • n.
    (严重的)危险;冒险。 at one's peril (若有…)咎由自取,(…,否则)自找危险 (Resist at your peril! 若有抵抗,咎由自取。 Keep off at your peril! 注意站开,免遭危险。 Do it at your peril. 要干尽管干,危险自承当)。 at the peril of 冒…的危险。 in peril 危急;冒着危险。 in peril of 使…发生危险;有…的危险。 in the ho+More...
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  1. One cannot guard against every peril .
  2. He was haunted by his looming perils .
  3. He periled his life to save her honour .
  4. The ship was in imminent peril of being wrecked .
  5. Everything under all those headings is in peril .

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