per week meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "per week" in a sentence
  • 每星期
  • 每周
  • per:     $2 per man 每 ...
  • week:    n. 1.星期,周;七天(的期间)。 ...
  • lessons - per week:    24节课程; 每周20小时
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  1. In american homes, television sets were on an average of 42. 7 hours per week .
  2. Self-employed farmers work from 55 to 60 hours per week during the peak summer mouths .
  3. Public houses are licensed to sell alcoholic drinks for a certain number of hours per week .
  4. My mother luckily secured a job in a white doctor's office at the unheard-of wages of five dollars per week .
  5. There were two to three reading periods per week

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