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  1. The pendulous accelerometer design had much in common with the gyro design .
  2. This paper starts the research of the liquid floated pendulous accelerometer testing system according to the engineering . at first , this paper gives the brief introduction of the history and present status of accelerometer and its testing technology , the working principium and math model of the liquid floated pendu - lous accelerometer , and then , decides the binary width pulse force retrim loop as the design proposal of testing system , researches the transfer function of every part in the system emphasizly , analyses the stability of the whole accelerometer testing system from the angle of control theoretics by the open loop transfer function of system , and designed the correcting net , analyses the basal problems such as resolution , sampling restraint , precision and so on , designs the hardware testing circuits such as preamplification , band - pass filter , alternating amplifier , phase sensitive demodulatorn , pulse - width modulation , frequency scale circuit , moment current generator . finally , using the graphics program language labv - iew which is designed for testing field especially by ni accomplishes the solfware design of testing system , realized the testing functions
    首先对加速度计及其测试技术的发展历史和现状,液浮摆式加速度计的工作原理和数学模型等作了简要的介绍,然后确定了以二元调宽脉冲再平衡测试回路为设计方案,并从控制理论的角度进行了分析,着重研究了系统中各部分的传递函数,利用系统开环传递函数分析了系统的稳定性,同时设计了系统的校正网络;分析了二元调宽脉冲再平衡测试回路的分辨率、采样约束以及测试精度等基本问题,并按照系统分析的结果设计了包括前置放大、带通滤波、交流放大、相敏解调、脉宽调制、频标电路以及力矩电流发生器等测试系统各部分硬件电路,验证了电路的正确性,最后按照测试系统的要求,采用了美国ni公司专为测试领域所开发的虚拟仪器工具? ? labview作为测试软件开发工具,利用该图形化编程语言完成了测试系统软件部分的设计,实现了测试功能。

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