pen a meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "pen a" in a sentence
  • 三水氨苄青霉素
  • pen:    n. 雌天鹅。
  • a pen:    一枝钢笔; 一支笔; 一只笔
  • in the pen:    被困在监狱里; 坐牢
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  1. She penned a quick note to her mother .
  2. She penned a few words of thanks .
  3. Similarly , madonna the writer has penned a series of books which barely resemble each other
  4. The welsh club have now confirmed a deal has been agreed for fowler to pen a two - year contract at ninian park
  5. The speculation intensified after colleague john terry penned a massive ? 131 , 000 - a - week new deal
    并且在切尔西与队长特里签订了价值周薪13 . 1万英镑的合同以后,这种谣言似乎就要变为现实。

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