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  • n.
    2.和好,和睦;〔常 P-〕媾和,讲和;媾和条约,和约 (=treaty of peace)。
    3.〔the peace〕治安,社会秩序。
  • at peace:    处于和平(或和睦)状态; 处于和平状 ...
  • at peace with:    与…和睦相处
  • for peace:    为了和平; 争取和平
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  1. We made concessions for the sake of peace .
  2. As a matter of fact, the town was at peace .
  3. The desirability of peace needs no affirmation .
  4. He declared his profound longing for peace .
  5. One can sense the people yearning for peace .

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