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  • 二硫氨基甲酸肽吡咯烷
  • 二硫代氨基甲酸吡咯烷
  • 抑制剂吡咯烷二硫氨基甲酸
  • 吡咯烷二硫氨基甲酸酯
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  1. There are still many questions remain unanswered , including the mechanisms that specify oligochitosan recognition , the participation of additional molecules in transmembrane signaling , and the repertoire of downstream pathways activated by oligochitosan . it was also observed that pdtc did not totally block no production , which gave us another evidence that there must be some other signal transduction pathways ( perhaps mapk , pkc , ca2 + dependent signaling ) involved in the activation , so further investigation is necessary to clarify molecular mechanism of oligochitosan inducing immunological en
    Westemblot结果显示100林岁ml剂量的壳寡糖作用于raw264 . 7细胞( 4x105个细胞/ ml ) 4h ,胞核内p65的含量明显增加, 6h时达到高峰, 10h时恢复到基础表达量,这就提示在壳寡糖对巨噬细胞的激活过程中nf一kb活化状态可以持续6个小时。
  2. The protein level of nf - kb in nucleus peaks at 6 h after stimulation and persists for at least 6 h . pdtc ( pyrrolidinedithiocarbamate ) , an inhibitor of nf - kb , the effective concentration of it for nf - kb inhibition without any toxicity on cells is up to 100 umol / l , can significantly block no production induced by oligochitosan . although the study reported herein reveals that oligochitosan induces no production via nf - kb in macrophage , which is an important signaling mechanism of oligochitosan inducing immuno - enhancement of macrophage in vitro
    加入100林mol / l剂量的nf一忍抑制剂毗咯烷二硫代氨基甲酸盐( pnte )作用于rawz “ . 7细胞( 4火10 ,个细胞/ ml ) 90rnin ,然后再加入100林留而剂量的壳寡糖对巨噬细胞进行刺激,发现pdtc在各个时间点( 6 、 12 、 18 、 24h )都明显抑制壳寡糖对巨噬细胞no的诱导作用。

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