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  • PCR =polymerase chain reaction 【生物化学】聚合酶联锁反应〔此项技术可用以复制犯罪现场发现的DNA小样,从而有助于破案〕。
  • as-pcr:    等位基因特异性多聚酶链反应
  • add-on pcr:    加端pcr
  • alu pcr:    alu聚合酶链式反应
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  1. Detection of arabis mosaic virus by one - step rt - pcr
  2. Pcr - sscp analysis on exon 1 of myogenin gene in sheep
  3. Application of pcr to identifying suspicious abo blood group
  4. Rapid detection of dengue viruses by multiplex pcr assay
  5. The rapid detection for bursaphelenchus xylophilus by duplex pcr

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