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  • pcr分析
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  1. Studies on cultivar classification of osmanthus fragrans by issr - pcr analysis
  2. After that we determined the presence of angiostatin gene in the putative recombinant virus with pcr analysis
  3. 2 . 3 gene expression identification of neural related genes by semi - quanti - tive rt - pcr analysis
    3半定量rt - pcr在mrna水平检测escs 、神经干细胞及神经细胞相关基因。
  4. Rt / pcr analysis showed that ams gene expresses in leaves , stems and flowers . the expression was n ' t detected in roots
    Rt pcr分析表明ams基因在叶片、茎和花中表达,而在根中没有表达。
  5. Rt - pcr analysis was used to determine the levels of grp78 and grp94 mrna during the different phase of mouse development 2
    Rt - pcr方法检测发育不同时期小鼠胚胎脑组织中grp78 、 grp94mrna表达情况2

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