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  1. Pco2 partial pressure of carbondioxide
  2. Moreover , a photometric pco2 determination method , based on the combination of membrane separation of hydrophobic microporous ptfe and the flow injection technique , is established
    另外,将膜分离技术与流动注射分析相结合,采用聚四氟乙烯疏水性微孔膜,建立了海水中pco _ 2流通式光度测定方法。
  3. By combining the observed pco2 data and the cogrediently monitored hydrological , chemical and biological data , the distribution characteristics , their influencing factors and the r easons for the spatial change of co2 sources and sinks are discussed
    对东海春、夏、秋、冬四季表层海水的pco _ 2 ,从水文、化学和生物学等方面对其分布特征、影响因素、以及co _ 2源、汇的空间变化原因进行了表征。
  4. It is indicated that , because of the strong influence of fluvial carbonates , the pco2 of surface water in the changjiang estuarine area and near the hangzhou bay were obviously higher than the pco2 of air ( especially in summer , autumn and winter ) , while the pco2 in the mid east china sea was apparently lower than the atmospheric pco2 . it is also shown that the pco2 in the southern east china sea , near the black ( kuroshio ) current , is higher than atmospheric pco2 , especially in spring and summer
    东海表层海水的pco :分布大致有以下几个特点:有明显的空间和季节变化;长江口及杭州湾邻近海域海水pco :明显高于大气pcoz ,尤其是在夏、秋、冬季尤为突出,表明有河流碳酸盐系统的强烈影响;在东海中部有大片区域海水pco :显著低于大气pcoz ,在南部靠近黑潮的大片区域里,尤其是春、夏季节,海水的pco :高于大气pc02 。
  5. It is brought forward for the first time that in summertime the pco2 of the surface water near the changjiang estuary , whose salinity is less than 20 , decreases dramatically from upwards of 800uatm to downwards of 300uatm within the range of less than half one latitude , suggesting a transformation of a strong co2 source to a co2 sink in a finite space
    首次调查得到,夏季长江口附近盐度20区域的水体极高的pco _ 2 (最高测得800 atm以上)在不到半个纬度的范围内递减到300 atm以下,即由一个很强的大气co _ 2源,有限的空间尺度范围内变成为汇区,有着极大的梯度变化。

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