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  • 石蜡包埋
  • 石蜡打底
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  1. Paraffin embedding apparatus
  2. Leica microsystems nussloch is a company operating within many ranges and offers paraffin embedding device , single - deck machines as well as microtomes
    Leica microsystems nussloch是一家现代化的、可靠的产品供应商,这家供应商从事(显微)切片机的制造、销售。请您访问我们的主页,垂询当前的产品系列和服务。
  3. Get 4 right anterolateral femoral flaps and 4 left scapular flaps which were dyed obviously after 3 days , dehydrate by graded ethanol , vitrification and paraffin embeded , horizontally and vertically sliced continuously , thickness is 15 , 20 and loojtim respectively , he dyed , observed under microscope . results : ( 1 ) direct cutaneous artery or musculo - cutaneous artery , in the procedure of common integument tissue being shallowed up step by step , continuously sending out branches to deep fascia layer , superficial fascia layer , hypodermis layer , hypopapilla layer and papilla layer to form the five - grade cutaneous microcirculation " blood vessel tree " of the skin blood vessel network that can be identified
    结果门)亘接皮动脉或肌皮动脉,在体被组织逐步浅出的整个行程中,不断发出分支并分别在深筋膜层、皮下组织(浅筋膜)层、真皮下层、乳头下层和乳头层内形成五级具有鉴别特征的皮肤微循环血管网(血管树) 。 ( 2 )体被组织静脉血管网由浅入深分为五层:皮肤乳头层。乳头下层、真皮下层、皮下组织层和深筋膜层。

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