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  1. The best of those was the culmination of a 32 - pass move against champions league opponents panathinaikos
  2. United ' s january transfer window signing manucho is joining greek club panathinaikos for the remainder of the season
  3. That was a 1 - 0 triumph over panathinaikos through a diego forlan goal , and the boss admitted he was relieved to end the unwanted run
    上次是依靠弗兰的进球1 - 0击败帕纳辛奈科斯,老板也承认终于结束了令人尴尬的记录。
  4. He scored two goals in last week ' s 3 - 1 win against aston villa and helped set up thierry henry ' s strike in panathinaikos
  5. Sir alex ferguson confirmed on friday : " we ' ve farmed manucho out to panathinaikos for the remainder of the season to get some football
    弗格森爵士周五确认了这个消息: “我们已经把他送到了希腊,到本赛季结束他都会在那里踢球。

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