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  1. All three pachyderms sized up their mirror images by inspecting behind the mirror , probing their mouths with their trunks to see if their reflections did the same
  2. Rounded up in mysore , india ' s famous wild elephant drive , a pint - size pachyderm splashes through a stream between two adults , all destined for domestication
  3. The 20 - foot 6 - meter - long treadmill was designed specifically for maggie , a 23 - year - old female african elephant that has become the subject of a national debate over the proper care for captive pachyderms
  4. Problems with caring for pachyderms , as well as new standards from the aza , have led five zoos , including those in chicago , san francisco and detroit , to discontinue their elephant exhibits
  5. Suma , a 45 - year - old elephant and long - time resident of the zagreb zoo , was bereaved and inconsolable after her pachyderm partner of tens years died of cancer . until she heard mozart

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