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  • 好氧指数
  • 氧价
  • oxygen:    n. 【化学】氧,氧气。
  • number:    n. 1.数;数字;〔pl.〕算术。 ...
  • a number of:    大量,许多; 若干,许多; 若干的; ...
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  1. And the no - isothermal structure can accelerate the breaking of gravity wave in mesospause , and the breaking of gravity wave is an important source of convection and small - scale waves . the propagation of gravity wave will affect the distribution of minor species . the breaking of gravity wave accelerates the downward transport of atomic oxygen , some smaller - scale structures appear on the horizontal distribution of atomic oxygen number density , and other chemical species are also affected due to the chemical reaction with atomic oxygen and the propagation of gravity wave

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