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〔美国〕U 字形牛颈弯;(河流的)U字形弯曲,河套(地区)。
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  1. The trade - off problems arising from ecosystem modification is ubiquitous in sabah - absolutely polluted rivers , beautiful oxbow lakes eaten away by invasive alien freshwater hyacinths or salvinia molesta from south america and their resultant death through triplication , sedimentary blooms encroaching mangroves , coastal fishing grounds , unprecedented long and deeper flooding in the major river basins . take the ecosystem services away , mankind is as well dead . for instance , nutrient formation needed by man , water cycling , soil formation and soil retention , pollination of plants , resistance to invasive species , regulating climate and pests as well as pollution control by ecosystems are some of the critical ecosystem services
    其实,沙巴最迷人的度假特色,还是周遭丰富缤纷的海底生态资源,马来西亚7座海洋公园,就有4个位在沙巴沿海区域,包括亚庇西北165海里外的拉央拉央岛layang - layang沙巴东南处的马宝岛mabul和卡巴赖岛kapalai沙巴和汶莱湾岸外以北的纳闽labuan ,以及亚庇海外由5座小岛构成的东姑阿都拉曼国家公园tunku abdul rahman park islands 。

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