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    1.在上,在高处;从上向下;突出,倚靠;越过。 jump over 跳过。 climb over 爬过。
    2.在那边,向那边,(越过马路、河、海等)到那边,从一处到另一处。 Take this over to the station. 把这个拿到那边车站去。 He is over in Cuba. 他已在古巴。 Our friends were over yesterday. 我们的朋友们昨天来过了。 I asked him over. 我请过他+More...
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  1. His perception really knocked me over .
  2. His glance ranged over the orderly rows .
  3. A deadly coldness stole over me .
  4. Time zipped by and the year was soon over .
  5. Do n't lose your temper over such a trifle ..

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