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  • out:    adv. 1.〔位置及运动的方向〕向 ...
  • frame:    n. 1.机构;组织;系统。 2.结 ...
  • frame out:    离开屏幕; 因服毒品产生幻觉
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  1. Outer frame can be alternative of aluminum alloy and galvanized board
  2. Roll - and - shear random cutting run - out frame hydraulic pressure drops in automatic way
    落料系统:液压自动落料随机配两个料架, 3m一个
  3. Stator : this part of the machine does not move and normally is the outer frame of the machine
  4. Super - schedule construction out frame space realizes safe quick with drawing in comprehensive mining working face
  5. Sound system equipment . part 14 : circular and elliptical loudspeakers ; outer frame diameters and mounting dimensions

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